On View Now : A Selection of Objects from the Permanent Collection

Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archives collects and preserves documents and artifacts that provide insight into the impact Protestant missionaries had on the history of Hawai`i. The object collection contains over 5,000 artifacts, including furniture, quilts, bark cloth, paintings, ceramics, clothing, and jewelry. The archival collections include more than 12,000 books, manuscripts, original letters, diaries, journals, illustrations, and Hawaiian church records. These collections continue to grow through the generous gifts of missionary descendants, as well as ongoing archaeological discoveries on the grounds of past mission stations. The size and scope of these collections, combined in the same facility with those of the Hawaiian Historical Society, make Hawaiian Mission Houses one of the foremost repositories for nineteenth century Hawaiian history. This exhibition presents a selection of artifacts from Hawaiian Mission Houses' collections that provide a tangible connection to the experience and impact of missionaries in nineteenth century Hawai`i, from the missionaries' journey across oceans, to the translation of the Bible into Hawaiian, to the activities of day-to-day life. By observing and researching the objects preserved here, we can better understand the story of Hawai`i. The collections at Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archives are made available to scholars for research. To find out more about our collections or to make an appointment, please call 808 447-3910 or email acole-faber@missionhouses.org.

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On View Now