Negatives, Film
Damon Family

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Description Negative: nitrate negative replaced by copy negative 1977 of Damon Family (a) and contact print (b).

Catalog card description: "Damon family group."
Notes This negative was digitized as part of a 2009 IMLS grant. Because transfer between permanent material culture collection and library was not reflected on library catalog card, we have determined to put these into a "found in collection" category with a 0__ before the collection number to key us to the fact that these have an older number with the collection that the scope of this project does not allow us to search for at this time. The third number reflects the negative number.

The data entered here is not always representative of the negative itself. For example, if we have in hand a safety negative made in 1966 of an original photograph taken in 1926, "1926" will be entered in the date field. Similarly, many negatives are photographs of books and prints in the HMCS collection. In this case, the date of the original map, book, broadside, etc. is once again the one that is used.

Most negatives are specifically identified as safety negatives based on data from catalog cards, envelopes housing the negatives, inventories, and the film itself. However, it is assumed that all negatives are safety negatives, even when they are not specifically noted as such.
Object Name Negative, Film
Subjects Portraits
Title Damon Family
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