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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
1956.02.2577.A1 Quilt        
1977.3.F1 Quilt       1853
1979.21.1 Quilt Beloved Flag      
1981.11.1 Quilt Ku'u Hae Aloha      
1985.1.4.NM Quilt       1915
1985.3.2.J3 Quilt        
1992.11.03.NM Quilt        
1992.11.04.NM Quilt   Rachel (Lahela) Kekela Kaiwiaea(aia?)    
1992.11.05.NM Quilt        
1992.11.06.NM Quilt        
1993.14.NM Quilt       circa 1904
1994.2.02.NM Quilt        
1994.2.03.NM Quilt        
1997.21.B2 Quilt       1895
1997.79.08.C1 Quilt Iolani Palace Urns      
1997.85.02.C5 Quilt       1930's
1998.18.NM Quilt        
1998.19.ED Block, Quilt        
2000.02.NM Quilt Pua Mae`ole Meali`i Kalama   circa 1980?
2006.3.3 Quilt Ku'u Hae Aloha Jenny Montgomery Kimble    
551a Quilt        
71.45.A2 Quilt       circa 1910
71.47.NM Quilt       circa 1860
79.2.B8 Quilt        
80.9.1.NM Quilt Lei O Kaahumanu     circa 1963
82.4.1.B8 Quilt        
82.4.2.B8 Quilt        
82.9.S3 Quilt       before 1918
83.6.J3 Quilt        
84.4.1.NM Quilt        
84.4.2.NM Quilt        
85.1.3.NM Quilt       1915
85.1.4.NM Quilt        
85.10.F1 Quilt        
85.11.B8 Quilt       circa 1906
85.3.1.J3 Quilt        
85.3.2.J3 Quilt       probably 1896
86.8.2.C7 Quilt       1933
87.4.A2 Quilt        
91.10.NM Quilt        
91.5.1.NM Quilt       1920's
91.5.2.NM Quilt       1920's-1930's
91.5.3.NM Quilt       1920's-1930's
93.6.1.R5 Quilt       1820
93.8.NM Quilt        
FF01 Quilt        
FF06 Quilt        

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